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How to Start a Restaurant 01b. Feasibility Study Podcast Transcript

I recently did an interview with Laurie from the Small Business Developement Center in Lansing Michigan on how to do a feasibility study and what it covers. Below is the transcript from that podcast. You can either read it here or go to the podcast page and listen to it. I hope you enjoy it. John...Read more

Stop YOUR Money From Walking Out the Door With Every Employee

The Best Growth Strategy is Keeping Good Employees Every time an employee quits you could be loosing 1000’s of dollars. You now have to train someone new to take their spot. Your new employee isn’t going to know their job as good as your previous employee did right away, maybe ever. It is in your...Read more

How to Start a Restaurant 06 : Initial Health Inspection

By now you have a pretty good start on opening your restaurant. Last week in “How to Start a Restaurant” we covered how to look into “Research the Local Laws.” This unit we are really cutting through a lot of the red tape. In this lesson we are going over some things you are going to want to...Read more

What To Do With Millennials In The Workplace

Working with Millennials in Your Restaurant How are we going to work with millennials in your restaurant? I have been trying to answer this question for 10 years now. It wasn’t an easy task but I think I have figured it out. It took some getting used to and I had to bite my tongue a lot, but they...Read more

How to Start a Restaurant 05 : Research the Local Laws and Ordinances

Before we get started on the next lesson on “How to Start a Restaurant” lets talk about everything we’ve done so far. There is so much you have done so far you have come and so much still yet to go. Starting your restaurant isn’t going to be easy and we never said it was going to be. Anything worth...Read more

How to Start a Restaurant 04 : Testing Your Product

Last week on the “How to Start a Restaurant” post we discussed how to find a food distributor. With so many food distributors out there it is important to find a reliable one that will give you a quality product on a consistent schedule. Basically you are looking for a respectable company. This...Read more

Opening a Biggby Coffee Shop: Interview with Dave

Have you ever wanted to open a Biggby Coffee shop? If you have this is a great interview for you! You can listen to the full podcast at - or listen to it on YouTube further down on this page. The Journey of Dave Opening Up His Biggby Coffee Shop John Kinnunen:...Read more

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