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How to Start a Restaurant 08: Research your Local Competition

Last weeks post on “How to Start a Restaurant” we discussed how to start Researching Restaurant Insurance. With any business you need to have insurance to cover your butt incase something happens. It is no different when you’re a restaurant owner. You don’t want all your hard work you have put into...Read more

10 Reasons Why You Should Lease New Restaurant Equipment vs Buy

Taking the plunge in starting your own restaurant business is a huge investment of your time and your money even for the most experienced restaurant owners. Aside from the need to have awesome culinary skills, you must also be business savvy to be able to wisely invest your money on the right...Read more

How to Start a Restaurant 07 : Research Restaurant Insurance Needed

We have come a long way from the first week we started this venture down the road of How to Start a Restaurant. Last week instead of posting this article on how to start researching what kinds of insurance you will need for your restaurant I posted the transcript of a podcast I just completed with...Read more

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