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MBA in Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is a vast and ever growing industry. And with all the opportunities that are becoming more open, you have to equip yourself to give yourself the edge to increase your marketability especially in the world of restaurants, hotels and tourism. In this field for success customer management and customer service skills must be at the peak. An efficient and impressive communication skill will prove to be a definite advantage over the others. If you have patience, dedication and perseverance as your guidelines, then success is inevitable in the field of hospitality management. People with interest in restaurant management should opt to get a MBA in hospitality management. This will help them get ahead of their competition. If you every want to run your own restaurant this is going to be very beneficial for you.

Benefits of a MBA in Hospitality Management

In general, a MBA Hospitality Management Programs intend to teach its student to implement compassion, excellent communication skills and easy people-handling abilities to boost client satisfaction and promote employee development. Your MBA Hospitality Management Program may also concentrate in hotel and restaurant management since these are where people deserve and expect to get a quality of services and excellent hospitality. There are hospitality managers, however, who are employed by government agencies such as health care units but health care managers commonly populate these places.

Getting a formal training from a proper institution will serve as a big plus when you have a degree of MBA in hospitality management it will get you ahead of your competition. As the hiring companies look for qualified professionals, you will be their easy choice from the vast choices that they will have to choose from. If you want to open your own restaurant and are looking to get financing from a bank and they see you have a MBA in hospitality management they are going to be more likely to give you the restaurant loan.

What a MBA in Hospitality Management Means

For one who wants to study in this field, studying about staff organization and management, front desk management and facility management, reservation management, lodge management, tourism management, marketing of events and restaurant management are a must among others. The degree shows that you know a lot about hotels, restaurant operations, and customer relations on a broad scale.

MBA Hospitality Management Admissions

For gaining admission in to a MBA in hospitality management program, you will need to research the school you want to get into. Each MBA in hospitality management is going to have its own guidelines. Listed below are some of the basic guidelines for colleges when applying to their MBA in hospitality management.  

Bachelors Degree 


Gmat or GRE test score (each school will have their own score they would like you to have)

Career Essay

Character Essay 


Interview with the school you are applying to


* Pay attention to their deadlines as well each school will have a deadline you will need to apply before.

MSU has a great MBA in Hospitality Management. There are schools that just concentrate just on hospitality such as The Hotel School Cornell SC Johnson College college of Business  I would also suggest googling Hospitality Management programs in your state.

Choosing a College

Any bachelor's degree with some experience in the field will make you be eligible for the admissions test. As many colleges are offering the degree, you should choose your institute of study carefully though the degree that is being offered is the same. You should be able to distinguish reputed institutions from the regular ones and identify graduating from which institute will help you with placements and jobs helping you to move up the ladder giving you the niche over the others holding the same degree. Doing the degree online is also an option.

Getting chosen in such courses is also easy and you can opt for it either after Higher Secondary or after your graduation. Besides, there is also advance distance learning courses which assist you to pursue a diploma course in the same area. Getting an institution is likewise not very difficult, as you have many Business Schools to pick from. These days even abroad is gaining ground, offering MBA programs with multiple specialized specializations. Besides, an MBA Hospitality Management course gives you the flexibility to either go for a part-time of full-time. Therefore, they are not like normal courses, so you can also work while you finish your degree. The greatest of all, accreditation bodies do exist which helps you distinguish the good schools from the not so good schools. While getting selected is becoming the major concern these days into large enterprises and with a good remuneration, courses in MBA Hospitality Management is worth a thought, as it does help you a lot in opening doors to a huge number of jobs. Make sure you can fund your MBA in Hospitality Management. 

The good thing about having a master's degree, basically, is that you are highly qualified to obtain a salary that is up to 30 to 40% higher than that of other professionals who have similar skills and experience but do not have a graduate degree. It has been reported that in many companies, fresh master's graduates who got employed by a company usually have lower incomes at first. Hospitality managers, however, are expected to receive up to $30,000-$67,000 for the first year, depending on each company. If you are on the higher end of the spectrum you will be making a very good salary. 

One of the best parts about getting your MBA in Hospitality Management  it doesn't mean that is where you are going to end up. I have a masters degree in architecture and I own 2 restaurants.

*results may vary.

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