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Restaurant Loyalty Programs a Way to Reward Customers

Everyone knows it is more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to get your current customers to buy more often. There are a few ways to accomplish this but today I am going to concentrate on restaurant loyalty programs. A restaurant loyalty program is a program that your restaurant puts...Read more

Restaurant Startup Cost

How Much Will It Cost To Open Your Restaurant? Everyone's restaurant startup cost is going to vary. There is no set price to open a restaurant. Have you ever looked at the cost to open a franchise? If so you will of noticed there is always a range. Usually the range is pretty large. I have seen...Read more

Restaurant Marketing - 4 Promotional Ideas

Want some restaurant marketing ideas for your business around the holidays? Holidays can be a great time to try something new and practice cross marketing. Holidays are a great time to market your restaurant. With Valentines Day right around the corner you want to get some kind of holiday special...Read more

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MBA in Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is a vast and ever growing industry. And with all the opportunities that are becoming more open, you have to equip yourself to give yourself the edge to increase your marketability especially in the world of restaurants, hotels and tourism. In this field for success...Read more

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How To Start A Restaurant

There are many guides and resources out there on how to start a restaurant but you should take it from someone that has opened and successfully grown his own restaurant to multiple locations. At one time you have probably heard of how individuals have scaled up the business ladder and named among...Read more

Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Do you know how to market your restaurant in the fast ever so changing digital market? Print ads and radio ads are out and they have been out for awhile now. I am not saying not to do them, but don’t use them if that is all you can afford. There are so many other ways you can market your restaurant...Read more

Importance of Having a Restaurant Business Plan Written

Nowadays, we live in a very competitive and volatile economy. No matter how good you are in a certain area, you will always have to reinvent yourself and adapt to the current economical trends. There are many young entrepreneurs who tend to forget about this and just soar into the restaurant...Read more

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Running a Restaurant How Much Time Does it Take

Running a restaurant isn’t a part time job. If you own or plan on running a restaurant you're going to work 60 - 80 hours a week. Especially when you first open. You're going to have to put in the hours if you want your restaurant to be successful. If you are not all in, don’t waste your time...Read more

Restaurant POS Systems The Pros and Cons

You have probably seen me write in previous articles about how you need a point of sale system to really be in business, and this is very very true. I remember before I got Revention pos as my restaurant point of sale system how chaotic everything was. I can tell horror stories as many restaurant...Read more

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