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Opening a Pizzeria with $5,000

Cost of Opening a Pizzeria There is no magic number when your opening a pizzeria or any restaurant for that matter. It can cost anywhere from $0 to really the sky is the limit. I can tell you I opened my pizzeria with only $5,000 in the bank. There are many variables that may change how much it...Read more

Credit Card Surcharge or No Surcharge

Don't go any further until you have read this on credit card surcharge programs. Stop being charged for credit card processing. These fees can kill a small business. Did you know there was a way for you not to get charged everytime someone swipes their credit card at your restaurant? Well you don't...Read more

Creating Fans of Your Restaurant

When a customer comes into your restaurant for the first time whether it’s a restaurant startup or a restaurant that’s been there for years they know nothing about your business. They know they are hungry and want food now. They don’t say it like that usually but that’s what they want. This is your...Read more

Being Different Than The Competition

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” Steve Jobs To be a leader in your industry, you must be an innovator. You have to always be raising the bar so everyone else is always trying to catch up to you. It is the same in the restaurant industry. How are you going to be different...Read more

Restaurant Startup Business Loans

Restaurant Startup loans what you need to know before applying for any loan. Here are some of the best types of restaurant loans. Before you go making any decisions you will want to read this first. Finding founds for you restaurant isn't going to be easy. Don't Let Money Stop You From Chasing Your...Read more

Restaurant Startup Facts

Over 50% of restaurant startups fail within the first 5 years and of those restaurant startups that make it only 5% of them are owned by the same person that started them. When we surveyed over 500 restaurants 3 things kept getting mentioned. We asked them what should new restaurant owners know...Read more

An Effective Restaurant Manager Versus a Restaurant Boss

To be a motivator for your team you need to lead by example. There are 2 kinds of restaurant managers. The first type of restaurant manager is looked at as a boss the second type is looked at as a leader. When they act like a boss he will sit around and do nothing, and boss everyone else around....Read more

Restaurant Management That Have Team Members Instead of Employees

It all starts with good restaurant management and owners. Their energy and work ethic trickles down. If your restaurant managers are lazy and don't do much then that is going to rub off on the team members. You will end up with employees instead of team members. Bad restaurant management will...Read more

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