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An Effective Restaurant Manager Versus a Restaurant Boss

To be a motivator for your team you need to lead by example.

There are 2 kinds of restaurant managers. The first type of restaurant manager is looked at as a boss the second type is looked at as a leader. When they act like a boss he will sit around and do nothing, and boss everyone else around. That type of manager will quickly lose the respect of his crew. It will be hard to keep your staff you will always be rotating staff members. If your restaurant manager acts like a leader he will work right alongside the rest of the team. He won’t ask the restaurant team members to do anything that he won’t do himself. This type will gain the respect of his or her team members and get more out of each of them. This type leads by example.

When you’re the owner you have to lead by example just as a restaurant manager that acts like a leader and be a motivator. If you come to work every day and you just sit in your office or stand around and play games on your phone you are just an owner or a boss. You are not a leader and a motivator, if you come to work every day and you are doing everything that your team members are expected to do you are leading by example which makes you a motivator and a good manager.

Examples of “Restaurant Managers that act like Bosses”

I have seen it 100 times in my career as a restaurant employee I have seen owners and restaurant managers come into his or her restaurant and sit there and expect his or her employees to do everything. A restaurant boss will just sit there and do nothing, he plays on his phone, surfs the internet, he might even take a nap during the day and expects everyone else to do all the work for him or her. I have even seen one restaurant owner who would come in late to open his own store. Do you think his employees would show up on time to open the store if he couldn’t?

Productivity of Employees Lead by Poor Restaurant Management "Bosses"

Do you think his “employees” wanted to work for him? No of course not! Why would they to? Just to get that paycheck right? They would show up do the bare minimum to get by, and sometimes they wouldn’t even do that especially if he or she was not there. Their whole business suffered from it. Productivity was low, moral was low, profits were low everything went down.

Examples of Motivating Restaurant Managers "Leaders”

I have only seen in a few times in my career where the owner was a motivating leader. When a motivating leader comes to work he does just that - he works. He will do everything he expects of his employees and more. He will show them how to do things and be there to guide them along the way. Sure there are times when he or she has to step behind the scenes and do a little paperwork, but that is not all he or she does. He or she comes to work, they do the dough, the prep and then they clean the place at the end of the night just like they expect their team members to do. That’s right, I said team members. His or her employees look at him or her as a team member. They look at him or her as someone that is going to be there with them when times get tough helping them dig themselves out of the trenches when times get tough. Someone they can call on their day off and he or she will be there for them. A motivating leader does everything with passion and passion is contagious.

Productivity of “Motivated Team Members” by Good Restaurant Management

When your owner or restaurant manager is a motivating team leader the productivity of his company goes up 100 fold. You will see your team members go to bat for you when you aren’t there to defend your company yourself. They will lay in front of a moving car for you to protect your business. These are the kind of team members you want working for your business. Helping your business grow into what you envisioned when you started the company. The profit and sales go up, their moral goes up, their spirit goes up. They show up to work a half hour early just because they want to be there and be around other motivated people. It is contagious. Work is not longer work but it becomes their passion!

I once heard someone say “Good restaurant management who acts as a motivating leader gets their team members to do things not because it is their job, but because they want to do it.”

I have been told before “It is impossible to be around you and not want to do something to better myself.” You can never be content with where you are. You can stop for a moment and enjoy your success but don’t let it give you a false sense of security. There is always something you can be doing to better your team, your business, your marketing, and your relationship with your family.  Once you make it to the top there is always going to be someone gunning for your position. If you don’t work hard to keep your business on top it will fall.

It is like anything in life. You could be in the best shape of your life, but if you quit working out, stop eating healthy, you will become unfit just like you were before you started working out and eating healthy. You always need to be striving to be better than you were the day before.

You can have the most talent in the world, but you will be beaten by the person that practices longer, harder, and has more heart. Think about this for a minute. This can be applied to any business.

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