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Restaurant Marketing - 4 Promotional Ideas

Want some restaurant marketing ideas for your business around the holidays? Holidays can be a great time to try something new and practice cross marketing. Holidays are a great time to market your restaurant. With Valentines Day right around the corner you want to get some kind of holiday special ready. It doesn’t matter if you are a hot dog stand or a five star restaurant. Having a special holiday special ready to go is a must for every restaurant.

Cross Marketing

One year we partnered up with the flower shop right next door to one of our locations and it worked out really well. At our other location where the flower shop is further away and that store is in a bigger town it didn’t work so well. It is part of trial and error. No matter if it is a huge success or a failure you are still getting your name out there and most importantly you are learning. Even if you try some restaurant marketing idea that you saw on a website and it didn’t work you still grew as a business owner.


This is a great way to practice cross marketing with other local businesses which shows your customers and the community that you are a part of it, and you are willing to work with other businesses in your community.

Here are 4 Holiday Specials you can try for Valentines Day

  1. If they buy a $50 gift certificate they get $15 bonus.
  2. Find a flower shop to partner with and put together a package deal. Be sure they put it on their Facebook page and you do the same. Be sure to include your website in the post and tag each other correctly in the post. By putting your website on there and people clicking on it and going to your website search engines see it and its called social book marking. Social book marking isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be to google but it still counts a little. Social book marking helps website look popular and the search engines start ranking your website higher.
  3. A good thing to do is to have a heart shaped burger or steak or pizza anything heart shaped is going to be a big hit that day. For Christmas we had something that we called Holiday Sticks. They were are basic cinna sticks with crushed candy cane on top. They turned out to be such a big hit we are thinking about putting them on the menu for good.
  4. One year we partnered with six other businesses and put together a gift basket to be won by one of our lucky customers. Each business put a gift certificate or whatever they had to offer in it and than we put it op on facebook. How they enter is they had to like, comment, and share the post. It didn’t matter who’s facebook page they did it on as long as they did it on one of them.

Marketing you restaurant is one of the keys to success. If you want to learn more about restaurant marketing check out the Restaurant Growth Kit.

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