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Running a Restaurant How Much Time Does it Take

Running a restaurant isn’t a part time job.

If you own or plan on running a restaurant you're going to work 60 - 80 hours a week. Especially when you first open. You're going to have to put in the hours if you want your restaurant to be successful. If you are not all in, don’t waste your time opening a restaurant. It will just fail.

It isn’t something you get to go home at 5 o’clock and you are done. Running a restaurant or being a restaurant owner of an independent restaurant means long hours. Your busy times are usually nights and weekends when families are together eating. All that time you used to get with your family you won't anymore. Running a restaurant means scarifies are going to have to be made.

My biggest concern coming from an office job to owning my own restaurant was the time change. I was going from a 9 – 5 job to something that you never really get away from. Even if you manage to get away for a few minutes to see your son or daughter's soccer or hockey practice you are still getting phones calls and text from team members and suppliers. You are never truly on vacation or off work.

When I worked for an architecture firm and we used to get restaurant owners all the time that needed plans done and we would refuse to have meetings at their restaurant because there was always something they had to get up to attended to during the middle of the meeting. I didn’t understand it then but I do now.

It is important to take time for yourself. One way or another you need to find a way to take some time and be with your family. It might be closing on a Monday or only working a half day a few days a week so you can balance yourself but you have to do it. Life is too short to be working all the time before you know it your kids are grown and you are not any richer than when you started.

If you are doing it for the money don't stop now. Do it because you love it not because you want to be rich. The money will come much later down the line.

My First Year Running My Restaurant

I knew I was going to have to spend a lot of time at my restaurant the first year open. This the most important thing I could have done to make sure I was successful. I didn't have a lot of money to invest in my restaurant I just knew how to do it so I had to be there to make sure everything ran as smooth as possible.

You have to be there to make sure everything runs smooth as possible because you don’t have your policies and procedures nailed down yet. You are learning your first year. You are going to learn the most the first year you're open so plan on being there.

The first year open I took very minimal time off. I made sure I didn’t miss my son's hockey games or practices that were about the only time I took off. I would take a few hours off here and there. I worked 7 days a week open to close. The first year you are going to put in a lot of work.

My First Business

This was my first business so I had a lot to learn. I could have done a lot of things differently to make it so I had more free time but I didn’t know. Some of my online courses will help you prepare to open your restaurant, be successful, and run a profitable restaurant. The courses will also help you make more time for yourself and your family.

Jason from the Pizzas Champ in Howell Mi. told me when I interviewed him that his first year open he took a total of 3 nights off for a camping trip. His second year open he took a total of 4 nights off for a camping trip and 2 nights off earlier in the year for a camping trip with his boys but his wife was still at the pizza shop to help make sure things went smoothly. In the first 2 years, Jason has taken a total of 7 nights off besides holidays.

When you open your restaurant I want you to be prepared for how much time it is going to take. Unless you have done it before you may not realize the dedication it is going to take. If you want to learn how to run a restaurant or start a restaurant and have it run smoothly look into taking my courses. Learn from all my mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones. The best thing you can do is invest in yourself.

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