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How to Start a Restaurant!

Do you want to know how to start a restaurant? You've come to the right place! Here at we have over 50 years of combined experience.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to take an already established restaurant to the next level or you're looking to start up a new restaurant. We have something for every restaurateur no matter where you are in their journey. Our goal here at is to help every restaurant entrepreneur succeed. We are here to pass our knowledge and information along to you. If you have a question and you can't find the answer on here use the contact us form and we will do our best to find you the answer. We are very excited to bring to you the "How to start a restaurant" series in chronological order. This is going to be an awesome series. I didn't know how else to get all this information to you other than to break it down like I do.

I recently took the time to interview hundreds of restaurant owners and managers just like you. You can find out what they had to say by clicking this link here "50 Restaurant Owners and Managers Speak Out: "What I Wish I'd Know Before Starting My Restaurant." 

This series is going to seriously increase your chances of success. 

Below you will find the steps on how to start a restaurant. They are broken down into small steps this way you can pick and choose what steps you want to read. Some of you restaurateurs may be further than others so you may not want to start at the very beginning. There is always the possibility that you may have forgotten something. 

Order UP!

Let us get started on how to start a restaurant and have some fun doing it as well. It's time to get busy.

Prep Time!

Usually, people only dream of chasing their dreams of being a restaurant owner, but you have actually taken the next step in preparing to open your own restaurant. There is a lot to do before you cut the red ribbon and take your first order. I call this your prep time. In every restaurant, there is a time you set aside each morning to prep so your nights run smoothly. The same thing needs to happen before you open your doors to take your first order you need to set aside some time to make sure your restaurant is successful for years to come.

Unit 1 Time to Do a Little Prep!

In this section we are going to cover: choosing a unique selling point for your restaurant, looking at the demographics of the area you are looking to open your restaurant and choosing a qualified food supplier. 

Lesson 01 : Where should you open your restaurant

Lesson 1b : Feasibility Study Podcast Transcript

Lesson 02 : Restaurants Unique Selling Point

Lesson 03 : Choosing a Quality Food Distributor

Lesson 04 : Testing your food

Unit 2 Let's Turn it Up a Notch!

Time to turn up the heat on your dream of “How to Open a Restaurant.” Now that you have the prep started lets set that aside for a minute. Time to start researching some of the local ordinances and state laws.

In this unit, we are going to start looking at some of the things that could make or break your dream of opening a restaurant. It has come time to start looking at the local laws, health code, insurance, and what types of licenses you are going to need.

Lesson 05 : Research the Local Laws and Ordinances

Lesson 06 : Research all the local Health Codes

Lesson 07 : Research Restaurant Insurance Needed

Lesson 08 : Research local your Competitors

Unit 3 Now It's Getting Hot In Here!

Look at what you have accomplished. Look at all the research you have done. You are doing it. Starting a restaurant isn’t easy but you have a great start now. You know now if your new restaurant is viable in the location you want.

You have made it to the third unit. You should pat yourself on the back. Not many people can do what you have already done. If you want to become a restaurant owner it isn't going to come easy. In this lesson, we are going to get you started on the following: how to write a restaurant business plan, setting realistic goals for your restaurant, how to calculate profit margins for your new restaurant, how do you plan on funding your restaurant.

Lesson 09 : How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan

Lesson 10 : Setting Realistic Goals for your Restaurant

Lesson 11 : Calculating Profit Margins for your Restaurant

Lesson 12 : How to Fund your Restaurant

Unit 4 Let's Push Through This!

You’ve done a lot already. You have a plan in place and you have done some important research you are well on your way to reaching that your dream.

You are about to start unit four. Did you ever think you would have made it this far? That last unit was a tough one. In this unit you are going to start taking massive action. You have to be proud of what you have done so far you have done a lot. In this unit we are going to cover:  having an emergency fund as you probably have already started to build, financing your new restaurant, and start talking to insurance companies.

Lesson 11 :  Emergency Found

Lesson 12 :  Financing your New Restaurant

Lesson 13 : Finding an Insurance Company

Unit 5 Time to Make it Official!

WOW! Let's take a minute and look back at everything you have accomplished. You’ve done the prep for your new restaurant, the research, and done all the planning. Most recently you have looked at your financing options chosen the route that is best for you. All this work isn’t for nothing though you will see that because of all the hard work you have put in your restaurant is going to be open for business for years to come. You have got to be proud of yourself.

You are about to start unit five in the series of How to Start a Restaurant.". We are moving now. In this unit, we are going to keep taking baby steps to get you closer and closer to opening your very first restaurant.In this unit, we are going to cover things that are going to help you make your dream a reality. This unit is going to cover some of the things that are looked over by so many including myself when I opened my first restaurant: a handyman for everything that breaks and it will, registering your business and turning it into reality, getting insurance for your restaurant, organizing all your licenses and your certificates.

Lesson 14 : Finding companies to fix your equipment

Lesson 15 : Registering your business name

Lesson 16 : Getting insurance for your Restaurant

Lesson 17 : Get all your Licenses and Certificates in order

Unit 6 Time to Brand Your New Restaurant!

It never gets easy your always doing something when you start a new business. Now that you have taken care of all the legal documents to protect you and your new restaurant it's time to take care of the other side of things. These lessons coming up are some of my favorites. I like everything that has to do with these next few lessons.

In Unit 6 of “How to Start a Restaurant” we are going to cover the things like creating social media accounts, branding your new restaurant, building your restaurant website, creating your restaurants' logo. Like I said earlier my favorite part you’ll be starting to market your restaurant. Always be marketing.

Lesson 18 : Creating Social Media Accounts

Lesson 19 : Branding your New Restaurant

Lesson 20 : Build your Restaurants Website

Lesson 21 : Creating a Restaurant Logo

Unit 7 Your New Restaurant is Almost Ready!

You're almost there! There is just one more unit after this one. By this point, you have taken care of all the legal stuff, picked your food supplier, tested your menu, and started to market. You’ve done a lot now let's finish things up!

In unit 7 of “How to Start a Restaurant” we are going to cover some of the final things, you need to do to start your new restaurant on the path to success. In this lesson, we are going to start with starting interviews, make your first order, start getting involved in the community, put together the restaurants' point of sales system.

Lesson 22 : Start Interviews

Lesson 23 : Stock your Shelves

Lesson 24 : Community Involvement

Lesson 25 : Set Up That Restaurant Point of Sale System

Unit 8 Creating Buzz for Opening Day!

Seems like just yesterday you were just testing your recipes doesn’t it? Well, you are almost there and I couldn’t be happier for you. I remember when I was almost ready to open my first restaurant. What a feeling! You're not there yet.
In unit 8 of “How to Start a Restaurant” we are going to put the polishing touches on your already amazing restaurant. In this unit we are going to cover pre-launch advertising, planning for your opening day promotions, and finally your opening day.

Lesson 26 : Pre – Launch Advertising

Lesson 27 : Plan Opening Day Promotions

Lesson 28 : Restaurants Opening Day, Order Up!

Want More Information?

If it seems like you have done a lot it is because you have. Many people just sit there wishing they would follow their dreams. You have actually done it. If there is information you still need that we didn’t cover please use the contact page to contact us with your questions. If we don’t know the answer we will either find it for you or point you in the right direction. You can always check out our “How to Run a Restaurant” series as well. This series covers everything you need to know about running your restaurant that is already open.

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