1. Resources


Your website can be the very first impression people get of your company. Below is some links to different resources that can help you with your website.

Website Hosting

When you own your own domain (like, you need a site host to store the files.

  • - I have had a really good experience with BlueHost. They have good customer service, and they are reasonably priced

Website Design

Now more than ever it is important to have a strong eye catching website. Below are some options that are very user friendly.

  • – One of the leading most easy to use website builder. I have used it a few times and it is very user friendly with lots of tutorials easy to locate on
  • – Is a WordPress drag-and-drop easy to use theme.
  • – This is another option for you. They have stylish themes

WordPress Alternatives

  • – A user friendly alternative to WordPress
  • – This is a nice option because it is hosting and website in one.

Web Developers

Building a website can be overwhelming and time consuming especially if you have never done it before. It doesn’t have to be though. There is help available and it doesn’t have to empty your pockets either. I have used all of the below at one time or another.

  • – great place to find everything you need to help.
  • – Is a great place to find design help among other things
  • – This is a nice place to find help as well you can place what your looking for and a price and let them come to you.

Email Mailing List Tools

Building an email list to communicate with your customers about exciting things happening in your company.

  • – Who we use to communicate with you with.
  • – Another popular broadcast email service provider
  • – Another not as popular broadcast email service provider

Social Media Tools

These tools help you schedule post to your social media sites. You can post from one account and have it go out to most of your social media sites.

Other Social Tools

These tools help you build and use your social media accounts to best serve your customers

Click here to download a guide on how to use these great options.

Mobile Payment Solutions

These tools are good when you have to take payments on the go. More and more people are moving away from cash so if you are not taking credit cards you are leaving cash on the table. Check with your bank to see if they offer other mobile payment options.

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