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Do You Want Your Business To Succeed?

The Restaurant Start up Kit is great for those of you that are either looking to open a restaurant or are going to open a restaurant in the near future. Over 50% of restaurant startups fail within the first 3 years. Less than 10% of the restaurants that are still open after the 5th year are owned by the same person that started them.

You Need To Be In That 10%!

By purchasing this kit you are taking a step towards ensuring that your restaurant is going to succeed. There are 2 tips in here that combined can save you well over a $1000 a quarter for each store that you own.

I wished I would of known these when I started my first store. One tip alone saves me $12,000 dollars a year. To a small business like myself that is a huge savings. Results will very depending on your sales of your store and the state your store is located in.

This kit includes:

  • A Business Plan Template for you to go off of and use - $100 value
  • A restaurant start up check list with over 25 items on it. There is a tip in here that will save you money. Usually I save between $500 and $800 a quarter. It depends on your volume of your store. 
  • Here are some of the things this check list will include where to start when setting up an LLC / DBA / where to go to get your tax id number and where to start to get your sales Tax  number.* I am not an accountant or an attorney but I do have real life experience. Monthly operating expense work sheet - $67 value
  • A lot of restaurant owners say they wished they would have been made aware of what taxes you are going to have to pay and when. They may very depending on your state but this gives you a starting point. * For legal purposes I want to make you aware that results may very and I am not an attorney or an accountant I only have real life experiences to go off of. Always consult your attorney or accountant.
  • Restaurant Procedures (very important to compete with the franchises)
  • Choosing a name
  • Website domain
  • Food vendor
  • Where to get the posters for your kitchen that are needed
  • School programs that work
  • Getting you ready for your grand opening.
  • Health department advice / food license
  • Hiring and keeping employees

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